Marantz has just presented an affordable micro hi-fi system, the Melody M-CR412. It includes a CD player, Bluetooth connectivity, digital inputs for connecting a TV, and a DAB/FM radio tuner and internet, in addition to wifi and a USB port.

Despite its size of just 11cm, it is suitable for all living room sizes, with a maximum power of 2X60 W. Like its high-end big sister, the melody X CR-612, the M-CR412 also offers four channels of audio boost.

Its finishes are similar to those of the Melody X, for an advertised price of 200 euros less. However, this new model does not offer the integration of streaming services (therefore no spotify, Tidal or Deezer), nor the voice control option, such as Alexa or Google Home.

Melody M-CR412

The Melody M-CR412 promises full compatibility with most speakers, even 4 Ohm models. So it shouldn’t be complicated to find a combination of speakers.

Its USB-A port allows the playback of high-resolution audio files, including FLAC, ALAC or DSD and its two optical inputs allow you to connect your TV.

Users can connect their digital TV or internet box, and a Blu-ray or DVD player using one of the two optical ports.

Melody M-CR412

The Melody can automatically wake up when it receives a signal from the TV, and can be programmed to be controllable by a TV remote for volume, mute, and source selection. No need to change remote control.

The new born from Marantz will be available from June 15 in black or silver-gold finish. For now, it is available in Europe and the United Kingdom.

The advertised price is 449 euros.


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